We have been creating new products all Spring and Summer this year!! Stay tuned for more new products every month!

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After alot of testing and research, we came up with a few products that work specifically with the treatment of thin papery skin, cellulite, and loose skin!

Tight Tushie Firming and Detoxifying Scrub is an incredible body scrub that aids in detoxifying, softening, and deeply exfoliating the skin! The oils used in this scrub have a high level of healing Vitamin A (retinoids). 
The scrub is a key first step in all above skin conditions but most important for the treatment of cellulite.

Tight Tushie Firming and Detoxifying Cream is a rich cream that helps to build healthy skin while firming it with Sea Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. 
This cream is very specific for that thin papery skin and loose skin. The plant oils used are extremely healing and extremely rich in Vitamin A, a natural form of Retinol!

Why is my cream and scrub orange? The answer is all that rich Vitamin A (natural retinol). 

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