Referred to as the food of the Gods, this is the healthiest, most nutritious superfood on the planet! Peruvian sourced, hand harvested & sun-dried.

100% Pure Raw Organic Cacao Powder.
(Does NOT contain sugar, dairy, gluten, heavy metals, fertilizers, insecticides, preservatives, or chemicals of any kind.)

Raw Cacao contains extremely high levels of:
Antioxidants (about 20 times higher than blueberries), such as flavanols & polyphenols;
Theobromine, an alkaloid that is a gentle & grounded stimulant, especially compared to caffeine (which is very low in cacao);
Mood enhancers such as serotonin, phenethylamine & anandamide;
Magnesium, a muscle & nerve relaxant and one of the most important minerals needed in our diet.

Raw cacao powder is processed to remove cacao butter, which provides many health benefits but is more convenient and easier to dissolve in liquids. Try our Ceremonial Cacao which has cacao butter.

Our pouches are compostable! Just remove the label and toss the bag into your compost or garbage.

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