One of our newest teas, this light and refreshing nutty & fruity tea is great as a sun tea over ice, or as a hot tea, with or without cream. White Tea has approximately 15mg of caffeine per cup, so it’s very low and is tolerable for most people, even at night.
We make this tea with one of the famous white teas from the Fujian area of China. The multi-sized brownish-green leaves are produced from the naturally withered upper leaf and tips. If you’re looking for a wonderfully refreshing, slightly sweet taste in a white tea, then we think you will enjoy this one.

Steep 1 TBS per 8-12oz of water at 200° - 205° for 2 - 4 minutes.

Organic White Peony White Tea, Non-GMO Almonds, Organic Dried Cherries & Organic Natural Flavor.

Very lightly caffeinated

Our pouches are compostable! Just remove the label and toss the bag into your compost or garbage.


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