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North American Institute Of Medical Herbalism 
Lindsay's main teacher Paul Bergner started his own school when the school she attended (RMCBS) in Boulder closed. Paul directed the clinical herbalism program at Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies (RMCBS) for eight years, training more than 100 certified clinical herbalists in a 1500 hour education that culminated in a nine-month internship program. He serves as visiting faculty teaching nutrition, herbalism, and pathophysiology at Tai Sophia Institute. He taught nutrition for seven years as adjunct faculty at Naropa University, and as regular faculty at the Seven Bowls School of Nutrition. Paul founded and directed NAIMH for eight years, and continues to teach herbal Materia Medica and therapeutics, clinical nutrition, basic medical sciences, clinical skills, medical history and philosophy, and nature studies at CSCH in Boulder, NAIMH in Portland, OR, and around the world.

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism
The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Inc., offers Introductory, Advanced, and Clinical training in western herbalism and integrated nutrition in the Vitalist tradition. Their certificate programs include Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism, Advanced Herbalism, Clinical Herbalism, Nutrition, and Flower Essences.

A fantastic collection of websites and info about puerh tea

Tea Goober 
A nice blog about some guy enjoying tea. The tea goober sure loves his Ban Zhang puerh tea